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"An innovative underground bin that is compact and hygenic"


The Molok semi-underground bin was first introduced on the Irish market by Walsh Waste in 2004 and has been successfully applied in a variety of locations including hotels, apartment blocks, manufacturing and sports facilities.

The molok is an innovative way of dealing with waste, as it is more compact and hygienic than surface bins. The Molok is available in a variety of commercial sizes.

Ease of Use & Economy

  • No need for expensive sheds or enclosures
  • Emptying costs are reduced due to higher capacity and longer emptying intervals
  • Made of durable weather proof and corrosion resistant materials

Space Saving

  • Less space than conventional bins for the same waste quantity
  • In placing the waste container you will have a greater choice, because it is possible to empty from longer distance, even behind a fence


  • During the summer, deep in the coolness of the ground, the activity of the microbes are slower than above the earth and this will reduce odour issues
  • The oldest waste lies at the bottom under the new waste, which reduces odour problems
  • The lid will close by itself, that is why it is not possible for birds and other animals to spread litter to the surroundings
  • Because of the hygiene the method has been able to achieve longer intervals between emptying



Save Time & Money

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