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How We Empty Your Septic Tank

Regular emptying of your septic tank is essential to avoid the costly repairs and health risks associated with a faulty system. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the process of how we empty your septic tank, step by step, ensuring a clean and safe environment for you and your loved ones.


Step 1: Suctioning Out Tank Contents

The first step in emptying your septic tank is laying out the pipes from our truck and using a suction hose to remove the tank contents. Our technicians use specialised equipment to efficiently remove the waste from the tank with precision.


Step 2: Clearing Pipe Lines and Percolation Area

Next, we jet and clear the pipe lines between your house and tank, as well as the percolation area. This helps to eliminate any blockages or obstructions that may inhibit the flow of wastewater, promoting the efficient operation of the septic tank system.


Step 3: Proper Disposal of Sludge

The waste removed from your septic tank is disposed of responsibly and in compliance with regulations. We transport the waste to a licensed facility equipped to handle and treat septic waste safely and effectively. By disposing of the sludge properly, we help protect the environment and ensure that your property remains clean and sanitary.


Step 4: Treatment Certificate

The treatment certificate serves as documentation of the septic tank empty. It can be shown to your Local Authority upon inspection of your septic tank as assurance that the tank is properly maintained.


Walsh Waste Septic Tank Emptying

Walsh Waste & Recycling have been emptying septic tanks in Galway since 1979, providing a comprehensive empty and clean as part of the service. Our expert team takes great pride in helping households maintain a working septic tank system. Click here to learn more or book a service.


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