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Walsh Waste Skip Hire Guide


Whether tackling a home clear-out, renovation, or a large-scale construction project, hiring a skip is a convenient and safe way to dispose of waste. Even better, with Walsh Waste you can be assured that all waste is recycled or recovered to energy.

Selecting the right skip is an important task to avoid overpaying for unused space or struggling to fit waste below the load level.

In this blog, we will walk you through the key factors to consider when ordering a skip from Walsh Waste.


Project Scope

Assess the scale and scope of your project and the volume of waste you can reasonably expect to generate.

Are you clearing out a single room or multiple? Carrying out a minor garden clean up or a large landscaping project? Does your renovation project involve minor DIY tasks or large-scale construction work? Each option will involve a significantly different amount of waste.

We suggest planning in advance to understand the scope and gauge the waste volume.

If in doubt, it is better to choose a larger skip than risk overfilling a smaller one. Overloaded skips will not be collected by our drivers as they are a safety hazard.


Understanding the Skip Sizes

At Walsh Waste we have 4 skip sizes:

  • Mini Skip (2 Cubic Yard): Suitable for small home or office projects, or when space is limited. This mini skip will fit in a standard driveway, occupies half a car park space and is the equivalent of approximately 6 wheelie bins.

  • Midi Skip (4 Cubic Yard): Suitable for small amounts of household clutter, garden trimmings, or waste from minor household renovations. The midi skip will fit in a standard driveway, occupies half a car park space and is the equivalent of approximately 12 wheelie bins.

  • Standard Skip (8 Cubic Yard): Suitable for larger renovations, clear-outs or garden projects that generate a moderate volume of waste. It fits in a single car parking space and is the equivalent to approximately 24 wheelie bins.


  • Large Skip (12 Cubic Yard): This is our most popular option. The large skip is suited to any large-scale household or commercial project such as clearing out bulky furniture or construction projects. It will fit in a single car parking space and is the equivalent to approximately 40 wheelie bins. For reference, this skip is large enough to hold a number of beds or a suite of furniture.

Skip Access and Placement

Another crucial consideration when ordering a skip is access and placement. Do you have sufficient space in your driveway for the skip size you require, or will you need to seek a permit to place it on a public road?

For more information on skip permits visit the Galway City Council website

Also consider access points and ensure there is enough room for our skip trucks to get to the skip.


Weight Restrictions

Our skips have weight limits. Please be cautious about heavy material such as bricks or rubble. If you are disposing of dense materials, you will need to contact our office and request a builder’s skip.


When the Skip Arrives

Ensure you are aware of what cannot go into the skip. Some items, such as batteries or gas bottles, are a safety hazard and cannot be disposed of in a skip.

Read more top tips for filling your skip here.


What Happens Next?

When we collect your skip, we bring it back to our yard in Oranmore. Here, it is tipped in our Materials Recovery Facility and the waste is segregated using specialist machinery. On average, 80% of the skip waste that comes to our yard is sent for recycling. We bring non-recyclable waste to Dublin, where it is converted to energy.


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