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New Addition: Jet Vac with Water Recycling

The newest addition to our fleet is a Mercedes-Benz Actros water recycling jet vac truck. The jetting and recycling unit was supplied by Underground Technical Services (UTS) and built by Wiedemaan Envirotec. Replacing our older 2011 unit, the new truck is bespoke and tailored to our specific preferences. This involved a buying process of about 12 months, with multiple inspections through-out the year. In March 2023, we welcomed the truck to Oranmore and it began operations.

The first task for the water recycler was a drain cleaning and CCTV survey project in Galway City. Due to the frequent congestion of the city, the job was carried out at night to avoid unwanted disruption to motorists. Appropriately, the job was in preparation for a new cycleway, an effort to encourage safe commuting via bicycle. Over the 5 nights, the jet vac cleaned 3500m of pipeline to allow for a CCTV survey. This uses modern CCTV technology to identify any problem areas in the pipes, so they can be rectified before any work begins.


Water Recycling

Using the unit’s water recycling system, we put less pressure on the public water system and complete the job in a more efficient manner. The need to use water of drinking quality from sources such as fire hydrants is eliminated. Furthermore, time is saved as the crew do not have to drive to such water sources and wait for the water tank to fill. 


The Recycling Process

Flushing: A high-pressure water hose with a sewer flushing nozzle is fed into the soiled sewer. The high-pressure jet dislodges the dirt and flushes it back to the manhole. At the same time, the water jet pushes the hose further into the sewer.

Vacuuming: The water and debris flushed into the manhole is extracted by means of a high-volume liquid ring vacuum pump. Solids and water are vacuumed into the sludge tank.

Water recycling: Water and solids are separated in the sludge tank using a primary screen and then a self-cleaning filter. The filtered water passes through a cyclone system where it is reused for pipe cleaning via the high-pressure water pump. The water will have passed through the cyclones 4 times before it is reused for sewer cleaning. This ensures all debris and silt is removed from the water and deposited into the sludge tank.


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